Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have been very very absent lately, I'm very sorry! I took a week's vacation in mexico, and since then my art courses and all the summative, end-of-the-year work has been piling up all the way to my earlobes!
I'm considering coming back with a brand new blog, maybe for the summer? I want to do an "illustration of the day" project, seeing as I would like to keep up my drawing during the summer.

** just compared today's date to my last post, it's been exactly a month! woah


Monday, April 26, 2010

I am Spring.

I am the agility of a Squirrel climbing a tree,
the poise of a Robin perched in the leaves.

I am the green of the Trees about to bloom,
the red of the Tulips coming soon.

I am the songs of the Birds in the air,
I am the laughter of Children without a care.

I am the smiles of those playing outdoors,
the frowns of those scraping knees on the floor.

I am the chill of the Breeze, just cool enough,
the heat of the Sun, the warmth we all love.

Who am I?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


All my habits are being broken.
Holding your hand,
kissing your cheek.
I can't anymore, my world has been shaken. I suppose it's for the better though.

I will be okay.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I'm feeling trapped. My halves are at war.
Half of me wants to give up because deep down, I know it's right.
Unfortunately, the stronger half of me doesn't want to.
I sometimes wonder if the stronger bit is actually nothing but a quarter of my mind, making this civil war in my head even harder to deal with.

I was grumpy today, I'm never usually grumpy. Infact even today, while explaining to my friends what a terrible mood I was in, how the day just kept on throwing curve balls at me, they asked me why it was that even my terrible mood was a better one than any mood they usually had?
Maybe - as negative as I am I'm still positive. Yep, yet another on-going internal war.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

red chests and blue eggs

I woke up this morning to slivers of springtime sun coming in through my blinds. They shone on my eyelids and urged me to get up and enjoy the day. I got up and tried , but then I remembered reality and had to face it too, bringing my mood from neutral to down. On top of dealing with life itself, I had to take some medication/vaccine for my trip to Mexico in May. You had to mix powder into a glass of water, and apparently the powder hadn't been mixed properly and it made me gag, gag and gag again. I also had to abstain from eating an hour before and after - talk about a bad experience.

However, spring still caught up with me and lifted my mood. My room is on the corner of my house, so I've got two walls of windows. I put my bed in the corner so that I can feel surrounded by the light and air that can come through them. I opened my blinds and saw the green budding on the trees, I saw the robin resting on my neighbour's roof, and I saw the sun make everything alive again.

I love spring. Spring makes me cheerful, excited. Spring means summer is coming, which makes me even happier. I'll take any reason to make me happier these days.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

j'ai besoin de plus de magie dans ma vie.
i need more magic in my life.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

You may have my heart, Jerboa dear.

I have fallen absolutely and irrevocably in love with these little creatures. And yes people, these things do really exist. They're found mainly in deserts and in Asia, and according to handy dandy wikipedia, not much is known about them except that 1 - they're ridiculously adorable, and 2 - apparently they're endangered. Boo! Save the long eared, pygmy, and all other kinds of Jerboa!